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ECKM 2014

Dr. Peter Heisig chairs with Dr Florinda Matos the Mini-Track on "Future Research Directions in Knowledge Management"

Global Knowledge

Research Network

The GKR-Network with over 30 partners around the globe founded and lead by Dr Heisig is about to release its first working paper soon.

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Consulting - GPO-WM®-Method
Why business process oriented Knowledge Management?
You want to know, which knowledge domains are critical for your business processes.
You want to sensiblize the process owner and employees for are more systematic handling of critical knowledge.
You want to identify strength and potential for improvement from a knowledge perspective quickly.
You want to describe, analyse and evaluate the handling of knowledge within only one working meeting systematicly and gather first ideas for improvement.
You want to gather suggestions out of a pool of 100 Knowledge Management methods and tools for your own KM solution.
You want to discover synergies and potential for learning and transfer it.
You want to minimize the risiks from the absende of your most experienced employees and partner.
You want to integrate KM tasks into your daily tasks and business processes.
You want to use your knowledge ressources more effectively and efficient in the future.

If you want to realise these goals, the GPO-WM® Method provides you with a well founded, efficient and easy to learn tools for analysis and design.
The GPO-WM® Method: well founded, efficient, fast and easy

The GPO-WM Method is based von well founded applied research carried out within the Fraunhofer-Society and of many years experiences in practical application.
The analysis tools are templates for the use in process teams and easy to understand by all employees from different levels. After the brief GPO-WM® Process Analysis the result with first improvements ideas from the team will be presented to the process owner.

The GPO-WM® Solution Database with nearly 100 State-of-the-Art KM Methods supports the search for solutions. The process is transparent and comprehensible for the customer. The KM-Methods are classified according to the GPO-WM® Framework and twelve core business processes. The effects of each KM method towards KM core tasks are described, enabling conditions are depicted, Benefits and Risiks are showed for each method, basic and further readings as well Best Practice case studies are indicated.

Explicit design principles and implementation guidelines help to integrate the selected KM solution into the business process.

Benefits of business process oriented Knowledge Management

Employees and process owner will be involved right from the start to use their process know how and their requirements directly.

Acceptance and identification with the selected and implemented solution will increase. Your investment will be productive!

Existing strength will be more transparent, deficits will be discovered.
KM-tasks will considered as an integrated part of daily tasks, knowledge will be used more systematic and efficiently.

The application of knowledge will be more focused towards the main goals of the business processes .

Interfaces within the knowledge transfers will be discovered and responsabilities will be defined.

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15th ECKM 2014

Mini-Track on Future Research Directions in KM

Chaired by Dr. Peter Heisig & Dr Florinda Matos.

Santurem, Portugal,

4.-5. September 2014

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