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ECKM 2014

Dr. Peter Heisig chairs with Dr Florinda Matos the Mini-Track on "Future Research Directions in Knowledge Management"

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The GKR-Network with over 30 partners around the globe founded and lead by Dr Heisig is about to release its first working paper soon.

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Consulting - Intellectual Capital Reporting
Why Intellecual Capital Reporting?
You are conviced that your company has a higher value than your balance sheet shows.
You want to know, which are the factors that makes your company more valuable.
You want to identify and describe these intangible factors.
You want to know how good you are already dealing with these immaterial assests.
You want to know, what are the effects of these factors on your main business processes.
You want to understand the effects of the immateriell factors on your bottom line.
You want to develop and control your intangibles to improve your business results.

If your agree on these points and you want to improve your intangible assests of your company, than the ICR method "Wissensbilanz - Made in Germany" is the right tool to choose.
Easy and fast

The method „Wissensbilanz – Made in Germany“ was developed for small and medium sized companies. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and carried out by the Arbeitskreis Wissensbilanz.
The method is easy to learn and delivers fast clear results for the management.
In three one-day workshops the project team carries out the evaluation, identifies strenght and points for improvements and determines the interdepentent relations of the immaterial assets of the company.

Benefits of the IC Reporting – Experiences of the Pionieers
The hidden strength of the organization will be identified fast: Which immateriell success factors are very good managed?
Need for action: Which factors of the intellectual capital need improvement?
Identification of synergies and opportunities for innovation.
Shared common understanding how does the organization works.
Improved representation of the real company value towards investors, clients and suppliers.
IC Report as communication instrument to attract High potentials and experienced new employees.
Better credit conditions with banks by more transparent and systematic representation of the intangible assets with the "Wissensbilanz" (Intellectual Capital Report).
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15th ECKM 2014

Mini-Track on Future Research Directions in KM

Chaired by Dr. Peter Heisig & Dr Florinda Matos.

Santurem, Portugal,

4.-5. September 2014

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