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ECKM 2014

Dr. Peter Heisig chairs with Dr Florinda Matos the Mini-Track on "Future Research Directions in Knowledge Management"

Global Knowledge

Research Network

The GKR-Network with over 30 partners around the globe founded and lead by Dr Heisig is about to release its first working paper soon.

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References - Projects
The following projects represent the knowledge base of our experts.

1. German Company Study about "Internal Best Practice Transfer"
GPO-WM Process Analysis for Food Processing Company
BMWi Project “Intellectual Capital Reporting – Made in Germany” Phase 1 and 2 (2004-2005)
Development of IC Method for German SME's implementation of 14 pilot IC Reports, Writing of the first German IC Guideline, International Conference "Wissensbilanz - Made in Germany", find partners, information events.
Process analysis and process design for the customer service and shipping processes for a paper producing company
CEN Project „European Guide to Good Practice in Knowledge Management“
German KM-Expert of the CEN Project Team to produce the „European Guide to Good Practice in Knowledge Management“(CWA 14924).
Implementation of Knowledge Management in two research organization (with CCWM)
GPO-WM Process Analysis, Solution concept and implementation of a KM -Solution. Development of the KM-Plattform Knowledge-Navigator (WissensNavigator).
Knowledge Management Project for a Department of Interior of a German Federal State (with CCWM)
Project management; GPO-WM Process Analysis, Solution concept and implementation plan.
Knowledge Management Project for a automotive corporation (with CCWM)
KM Strategy consulting, GPO-WM Process Analysis, Process desgin, specification of IT application, Change Management and communication plan
European Benchmarking Project „Knowledge Management“by TECTEM at the University St. Gallen, Switzerland
KM Subject Matter Expert
Research project „Growth with Knowledge “ within the BMBF-Programme„Knowledge intensive Services “(with CCWM)
Development of methods: GPO-WM, KM Change Management, Knowledge structuring, Social Network Analysis, Skills for Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management Pilot project at German Airtraffic Control GmbH, Offenbach/Langen (Germany) (with CCWM)
KM Assessment, Conception of Solutions, Implementation
Knowledge Management Assessment (since 1997) for several organizations. (with CCWM)
Benchmarking Corporate Communications in Multinational Corporations (with IZB)
Participants: Daimler-Benz AG, Siemens AG, Lufthansa AG, Hoechst AG, MAN AG, Scania AB, Philips NV, FIAT SpA, Robert Bosch GmbH
Benchmarking of Purchasing Process for Telecommunication company (with IZB)
Participants: Telecommunication, Automotive, PC Manufacturer, Machinery Producer
1. German Consortia Benchmarking Study „Knowledge Management“ (with CCWM & IZB)
Co-founded by Continental AG, Eternit AG, Henkel KGaA, Merck KGaA, MTU-München GmbH, PSI AG
Consulting the Ministry of Economics of the Slovak Republic for the services of the Slovak Benchmarking Information Center (SBIC)
Implementation of Group Work in manufacturing company (with Fraunhofer IPK)
Conception, workers involvement, task design, layout design, CIP, scheduling process,
Employee satisfaction surveys for Siemens AG (serveral Business Units > 10.000 employees) and medium-sized company (with Fraunhofer IPK)
Quality Assessment for Living with Information Technology– ESPRIT 8162 QUALITY (with Fraunhofer IPK)
Project management, development of methods for human factor oriented design of IT applications, Case Study Library and Lessons learnd
Goal-Editor-Software to define project goals
CIM Building Block for Automated Production of Plastic Parts – BRITE/EuRam 5319 CIMBAPP (with Fraunhofer IPK)
Development of a european-wide survey about state-fo-the-art and requirements for software to support scheduling tasks, Analysis of business processes and information flow within the pilot company in Spain.
CIM-Technology Transfer Center / Knowledge Transfer (with Technical University Berlin)
Workshops and Training
Computer supported, experienced-guided Work in CIM-Environment (with Fraunhofer IPK)
Development of methods to describe and analyse tacit knowledge of experienced employees in manufacturing companies
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15th ECKM 2014

Mini-Track on Future Research Directions in KM

Chaired by Dr. Peter Heisig & Dr Florinda Matos.

Santurem, Portugal,

4.-5. September 2014

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