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ECKM 2014

Dr. Peter Heisig chairs with Dr Florinda Matos the Mini-Track on "Future Research Directions in Knowledge Management"

Global Knowledge

Research Network

The GKR-Network with over 30 partners around the globe founded and lead by Dr Heisig is about to release its first working paper soon.

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About the founder

Since 1988 Dr.-Ing. Peter Heisig is working on topics like knowledge, experiences and knowledge management. His interest arouse during his studies of social sciences at the Universität Göttingen (Germany), where a research project about the question “how organisations produce knowledge” (DFG-Project) was carried out.Peter Heisig

From 1990 he deppend his knowledge in the area of knowledge and experience management at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (Fraunhofer IPK) by conducting applied research for industry clients and national and international public research. One project aimed to decribe tacit knowledge of workers and engineers and develop methods, tools and organizsational solutions to support the capture and transfer of knowledge.

In 1996 Dr. Heisig was commissioned by the institute management to develop and lead the Competence Center Knowledge Management at Fraunhofer IPK. He conducted the first european-wide Benchmarking study on Knowledge Management, which was co-funded by six large German companies.

Since 1997 he was responsible for projects to analyse, design and implement KM-solutions for different business areas and industry branches (Automotive, Electro, Machinery and Production Systems, Service industry, Transport) as well as in public administration (Ministery, Police) and in research organizations.

In 2000 Dr. Heisig was appointed as KM Subject Matter Expert by the University St. Gallen (Switzerland) for a new european Benchmarking project about Knowledge Management.

In 2002 the EU Directorat General Information Society and the CEN appointed Dr. Heisig as European KM Subject Matter Expert to work with other seven european colleagues on the „European Guide to good Practice in Knowledge Management“ (CWA 14924). The guide has been publised in English and German. This first European Guide comprises five parts: the European KM Framework, Organizational Culture, SME Implementation, Guidelines for Measuring KM, KM Terminology (30 terms). The KM guide was approved as CEN Workshop Agreement 14924 in November 2003 and published in March 2005.

In May 2003 Dr. Heisig proposed to the German Ministry of Economics to test Intellectual Capital Reporting approaches in order to improve strategic thinking about intellectual assets in small and medium-sized enterprises. He is a founding member of the Working Group Wissensbilanz which developed, tested and produced the first German Guideline “Intelectual Capital Statement – Made in Germany”.

In April 2007 Peter joined the Engineering Design Centre (EDC) at the University of Cambridge (UK) to continue research into Knowledge Management throughout the whole product life cycle of complex products such as aircraft engines. Peter was responsible for a UK-wide survey to identify the knowledge and information needs from the past and for the future. The results have been published in Design Studies.

Since August 2010 Peter works at the Centre for Socio-Technical Systems Design (CSTSD) at the Leeds University Business School where he will continue research about the design of complex systems together with colleagues from different disciplines like Architecture, Engineering, Behavioural Psychology and Social Sciences.

He developped the GPO-WM®Method for the Integration of Knowledge Management into Business Processes and the largest online knowledge base with about 100 methods and tools for knowledge management (www.methodenfinder.de).
His main areas of interest are: Benchmarking, Process Design, Knowledge Management and IC Reporting.

He is a member of the German Society of Knowledge Management (GfWM), Association of German Engineers (VDI) and German Association of Quality (DGQ) and the Design Society (DS).

In recognition for his significant contribution to the Global Benchmarking Network he has been awarded as "Honoray Associate".

Dr. Heisig has more than 70 publications and over 100 workshops in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, China, Italy, France, United Kingdom, etc.

He has lectured at the Technical University Berlin, the Humboldt University Berlin, Danube University Krems, Austria, Leibnitz University Hannover and the e-Business Management School, Istituto Superiore Universitario di Formazione Interdisciplinare, University of Lecce, Italy.

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15th ECKM 2014

Mini-Track on Future Research Directions in KM

Chaired by Dr. Peter Heisig & Dr Florinda Matos.

Santurem, Portugal,

4.-5. September 2014

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